PUBLIC LONGING, Reliefs from Brooklyn Public Library, Grand Army Plaza
Glazed stoneware
75 × 33 inches
Sculpture as Verb, curated by Daisy Desrosiers, Gund Gallery at Kenyon College, Ohio
Alix Vernet
Helena Anrather, New York
Alix Vernet
Here Are Enshrined, Reliefs from Brooklyn Public Library, Central Branch
Alix Vernet
Veil, 3A, East Broadway
Alix Vernet
Burial, Henry St
Alix Vernet
I AM TURNING INTO AN ANGEL PLEASE LEAVE, Impressions from Brooklyn Public LIbrary
Alix Vernet
Veil, 3B, East Broadway
Alix Vernet
City When Will You Keep Your Promise, 2021
NADA House, Real Plain Fine Arts, New York
Alix Vernet
City When Will You Keep Your Promise
NADA House, Real Plain Fine Arts, New York
Alix Vernet
Water Damage, with Arielle Chiara
Soft Opening, London, UK
Alix Vernet
Inspection Notice
Poly-blend moire and PVC plastic piping



1997Lives and works in New York.



2019University of California Los Angeles, Bachelor of Arts


Solo Exhibitions

2022And they earned eternity in a brief space of time, Helena Anrather, New York

2021City When Will You Keep Your Promise, NADA House, Harkawik, New York


Group Exhibitions

2023Drawings by Sculptors, Helena Anrather, New York

2022Goddesses, Art Basel Miami Beach, Jeffrey Deitch

2022Graffiti, Curated by Ned Vena, Public Access, New York

2022Sculpture as Verb, Curated by Daisy Desrosiers, Gund Gallery at Kenyon College, Gambier, OH

2022NADA New York, In Lieu

2021The Emerald Tablet, Jeffrey Deitch, Los Angeles, CA

2021Lady Finger & Fig McFlurry, 56 Henry, New York

2020Introducing, In Lieu, Los Angeles, CA

2020Doesn’t Whine by Blue Moon, Ochi Projects, Los Angeles, CA

2020Art Athina, In Lieu

2019Fantasia, Steve Turner, Los Angeles, CA

2019Water Damage, Soft Opening, London, UK

2019Art Athina, Soft Opening

2019Felix Art Fair, Soft Opening



2022Texte zur Kunst

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5 Jan–11 Feb 2023

Drawings by Sculptors

Organized by Carl D'Alvia with works by Lotte Andersen, Richard Artschwager, Leilah Babirye, Darren Bader, Olga Balema, Frank Benson, Huma Bhabha, Amy Brener, Ernesto Burgos, Tom Burr, Kat Chamberlin, Wells Chandler, Nicole Cherubini, Christo, Susan Classen Sullivan, Michael de Lucia, Woody De Othello, Michael Dean, Leah Dixon, Madeline Donahue, Michael E. Smith. Jes Fan, Lauren Fejarang, Jackie Ferrara, Tom Friedman, Nikita Gale, Daniel Giordano, Harry Gould Harvey IV, Rachel Harrison, Sue Havens, Marguerite Humeau, Ryan Johnson, Laurie Kang, Josh Kline, Fawn Krieger, Ajay Kurian, Gracelee Lawrence, Mark Leckey, Michelle Lopez, Nancy Lupo, Rosemary Mayer, Ohad Meromi, Ragen Moss, Paul Myoda, Brandon Ndife, John Newman, Claes Oldenburg, Sarah Oppenheimer, Louis Osmosis, Catalina Ouyang, Virginia Overton, Jennifer Paige Cohen, Bayne Peterson, Judy Pfaff, Oren Pinhassi, Ken Price, Richard Rezac, Libby Rothfeld, Talia Rudofsky, Alan Saret, Loup Sarion, Michelle Segre, Anna Sew Hoy, David Shaw, Arlene Shechet, Fin Simonetti, Jennifer Sirey, Sissi, Kiki Smith, Jessica Stockholder, Chang Sujung, Tianyi Sun, Catherine Telford Keogh, Alina Tenser, Sarah Tortora, Alix Vernet, Danh Võ, Kristin Walsh, Nari Ward, Lawrence Weiner, H.C. Westermann, Ryan Wilde, Jesse Wine, B. Wurtz, and Tamara Zahaykevich

28 Jan–19 Mar 2022

And They Earned Eternity in a Brief Space of Time

Alix Vernet