2 MAY - 4 AUGUST 2019

Friday through Sunday, 11am–5pm

Helena Anrather is pleased to participation in the NADA House Governors Island exhibition with a solo presentation by Kristin Walsh.
NADA House, the organization’s second off-site exhibition on Governors Island, features 45 artists from NADA Member galleries and non-profits in a new, expanded format across 34 rooms in three historic, turn-of-the-century Colonial Revival houses. The collaborative, public exhibition will be on view every weekend, Friday through Sunday, 11am–5pm from May 2, 2019 to August 4, 2019.

NADA House is an opportunity for NADA members to stage a group show in an intimate and unusual setting, with only one or two artists on display in each room. NADA House reflects the camaraderie intrinsic to NADA’s mission, and exemplifies the organization’s adaptive approach to finding new models to present work from its community.

Responding to the unique context of Governors Island and the specific character of these houses, many participating artists are presenting work that speaks to the island’s changing identity over time – from its origins as Lenape land occupied by Native Americans of the Manhattan region to its role in the Revolutionary War, and later from its use by the US Army and Coast Guard to its current state as a site for artistic, scientific, and urban experimentation.

Walsh fabricates machines that repurpose familiar objects to animate time-keeping sculptures. Occupying a familiar space in collective memory, clocks simultaneously exist as an artifact of the past and a marker of the present. Walsh draws from the history of horology to build machines that explore time through channels that incorporate sound and motion, disturbing linear notions of time with a nod to decay and recycling that echoes and amplifies the historic and domestic context of Colonels Row and the history of Governors Island. For more on Kristin Walsh's work, click here.

Ferries to Governors Island can be taken to and from 10 South Street in Manhattan or Pier 6, Brooklyn Bridge Park. All ferries will be free opening week between Wednesday, May 1 and Sunday, May 5.  For ferry schedules, click here.