In conjunction with On Whiteness, an exhibition organized by the Racial Imaginary Institute at The Kitchen, Helena Anrather Gallery is hosting a series of reading groups to explore a collection of texts that informed the exhibition. 

RSVP is encouraged as space is quite limited: info@helenaanrather.com

JULY 15, 11AM

Session One The Phenomenology of Whiteness and the Undercommons

This reading group will focus on the foundational text for this year's Racial Imaginary Institute Biennial: “A Phenomenology of Whiteness” by Sara Ahmed, in conjunction with Fred Moten and Stefano Harney’s book on Fugitive Planning & Black Study, “The Undercommons" (at minimum please read Intro, pp. 5-12). Grounded by the history of Manhattan’s Chinatown, members of the Asian/Asian American collective AN/OTHER NY and Helena Anrather Gallery will co-host a discussion that centers the lived experience of non-white bodies, in response to Ahmed’s question of “how whiteness is lived as a background to experience.” Meanwhile Moten and Harney “gesture to another place, a wild place that is not simply the left over space that limns real and regulated zones of polite society…(but) a wild place that continuously produces its own unregulated wildness” (from Jack Halberstam’s intro to The Undercommons, p. 7). We look forward to sharing space and discussing these texts as a collective group over seasonal refreshments.

JULY 22, 11AM

Session Two There Is No Then and Now, Only Is and Is Not: A Native Art Department Reading Group

NADI will lead the reading group through selected texts, accompanied with performative actions. This conversation will examine the trajectory of relationships between whiteness and indigeneity, which is often omitted from discussions of race in the United States. The group will consider "Accomplices Not Allies: Abolishing the Ally Industrial Complex (An Indigenous Perspective)" by Indigenous Action Media; "The White Possessive" by Aileen Moreton-Robinson; and "Playing Indian" by Philip J. Deloria. Native Art Department International is a collaborative long-term project created and administered by Maria Hupfield and Jason Lujan.

JULY 28, 6 PM

Session Three On Space and Sound

Baseera Khan invites readers to consider the intersections of race, architecture, and the production of sound, and the implications of government policymaking for the production of music culture. We will refer to Mabel O. Wilson's "Mine Not Yours" from e-flux architecture's current issue, Dimensions of Citizenship, but welcome participants to contribute to a broader conversation about the historical links between government policy and music history.