Catherine Telford Keogh
Circuit Trouble Installation View
Catherine Telford Keogh
Cold Storage
Plexiglas®, Digital Print on Vinyl Laminated on Repurposed Laser Cut Plexiglas®, Flat Poly- Finished Russian Pine (Orange Crush), Advil® Extra Strength Pain Relief, Home Smart™ Disposable Straws, Dial® Omega Moisture Glycerin Soap, Extra® Sugar Free Gum, Yankee Candle® Home Sweet Home® Fragrance Spheres™, Nickel-Plated Chains, Found Evangelical News Flyer, Plexiglas® Offcuts, Marlboro Cigarettes Package, Pigmented FlexFoam-iT! ® II, Reused Plastic Spoons, Smooth-Cast® 325, 326, Hot Dog Trays 8-Pack, Used Irish Spring® Cast Resin Soap, GladWare® Entrée Containers, Found Letter Plastic Beads, Plexiglas Offcuts, Found Plastic Packaging
Catherine Telford Keogh
The Sweet Smell of Dryer Sheets Coming in with the Breeze on a Cloudless Day
Plexiglas®, Digital Print on Vinyl, Kleenol®, Glass Tubes, Framed
29 × 19.5 inches
Catherine Telford Keogh
Tentaculum™ (Dental Dam) Fixation Pro Vital Series
Vinyl image mounted on Plexiglas® 
47 × 47 inches
Catherine Telford Keogh
Detail of Tentaculum™ (Dental Dam) Fixation Pro Vital Series
Vinyl image mounted on Plexiglas® 
Detail of Tentaculum™ (Dental Dam) Fixation Pro Vital Series
Catherine Telford Keogh
Nervous System Installation View
Nervous System, Helena Anrather, New York
Catherine Telford Keogh
Nervous System Installation View
Low Life (Eclectic Energies)
Low Life (Eclectic Energies)
Catherine Telford Keogh
American Dream Mall (Floor Study)
Sand blasted stainless steel
24.25 × 23.5 inches



1986Mississauga, Ontario. Lives and works in New York.



2008University of Waterloo, Bachelor of Arts, Studio Art / Gender Studies

2011Yale University, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Graduate Qualification

2011Yale University School of Art, Sculpture, MFA

2013Yale University, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, MA



Solo Exhibitions

2023Shelf Life, Helena Anrather, New York

2021Circuit Trouble, Erin Stump Projects, Toronto, ON

2020Nervous System, Helena Anrather, New York

2018Dental Dam, University of Waterloo Art Gallery, Waterloo, ON

2018SoftFocus®,Bunker 2, Public Storage Building, Toronto, ON

2018Source Supplements, Evans Contemporary, Peterborough, ON

2017FLAT FOOD, Roberta Pelan, Toronto, ON



Group Exhibitions

2024Greater Toronto Art 2024 (GTA24), MOCA Toronto, ON

2023Seep State, Franz Kaka, Toronto, ON

2023Drawings by Sculptors, Helena Anrather, New York

2022Parallel Universe, Bradley Ertaskiran, Montreal, QC

2022Now I am a Lake, Curated by Rose Nesler, Public Gallery, London, UK

2022Signals, Curated by Jeanette Bisschops, Anaïs Castro, Isabel Yellin, New York

2021Plastic Heart, Curated by Synthetic Collective, Canadian Cultural Center, Paris, France

2021Chain Reaction, Galeria Fidelidad Arte, Lisbon, Portugal

2021Plastic Heart, Curated by Synthetic Collective, Art Museum, Toronto, ON

2021K as in Knight, Helena Anrather, New York

2020Crawling out of a hidden place, Arsenal Contemporary, Toronto, ON

2019Unlocal Benefit, Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, New York

2019Red Sky at Morning, Interstate, New York

2019Gestures of Comfort, Bradley Ertaskiran, Montreal, QC

2019Common Place: Common-Place, Art Museum at the University of Toronto, ON

2019Acts of recognition, Curated by Leontios Toumpouris, Thkio Ppalies, Cyprus

2018Photorama, TPW, Toronto, ON

2018In Commerce Court, organized by Main Street Gallery, Toronto, ON

2018Radiant Real, Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, Art Gallery of Peterborough, McIntosh Gallery, London

2018Title II, Bradley Ertaskiran, Montreal, QC

2017Kakaesque, Franz Kaka, Toronto, ON (performative reading)

2017PUDDLING: As her fate, she accepted the world of ice, shining, shimmering, dead (The Island), Prince Edward County, ON

2017Slipping between the gap of touch, two hands vibrating, with Andrew Hoekstra, Coffin Factory, Toronto, ON

2017Art Toronto, Franz Kaka Project Booth, Toronto ON

2016ROT: Compost and Surgery, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA

2016Legal Tender, The Alice, Seattle, WA

2015Video Snack, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA

2015Introductions, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2015Bronx Calling, Bronx Museum, New York

2014Bronx Speaks, Bronx Museum, New York

2014No Place, 93 Market Street Project Space, Newark, NJ

2012The Body and Material, Greenpoint Film Festival, Brooklyn, NY

2012Tabula Rasa, Curious Matter, New Jersey City, NJ

2011Thesis Exhibition, Yale School of Art, Green Gallery, New Haven, CT

2010Second Year Show, Yale School of Art, Green Gallery, New Haven, CT

2009First Year Show, Yale School of Art, Green Gallery, New Haven, CT

2009I’ll Gender You, If You Gender Me, Art In Odd Places, New York, NY

2008Threads, Queer Contemporary Art Center, San Francisco, CA



Lectures and Talks

2022Artist Talk, The School of Fine Art and Music, Guelph University, Guelph, ON

2021Artist Talk, Yale School of Art, Sculpture Department, New Haven, CT

2018Ecological Risk, Panel Discussion, Towards Galley, Toronto, ON

2018Artist Talk, UWAG, Waterloo, ON

2018Artist Talk, Western University, London, ON

2018Artist Talk and MFA visits, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON

2017Artist Talk, University of Toronto Scarborough, ON

2015Artist Talk, University of Waterloo, ON

2014Panelist and Moderator, “Revolution and the Scope of Feminist Aesthetics,” Left Forum, Pace University, New York, NY

2014Artist Talk with artist Leon Finley, Hartford University Art School, Hartford, CT

2013Guest Lecture, “Food Matter,” WGSS 120 Women Food and Culture, Yale University, New Haven, CT

2012Paper, “Composition as Explanation: Obscurity and Difference in Four Saints in Three Acts,” Yale University Art History Department Colloquium, New Histories of Modern Art in The United States, organized by David Joselit, Yale University, New Haven CT

2011Guest Lecture, “Woman Artists and Alternative Materials,” WGSS 120 Women Food and Culture, Yale University, New Haven, CT

2011Paper, “Perverse Acts of Transfer: The Work of Regina José Galindo,” Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Colloquium Speaker Series, Yale University, New Haven, CT


Awards and Residencies

2020Sobey Art Award

2020Research and Creation Grant, Canada Council for the Arts

2020Project Grant, Toronto Art Council

2019Artist-in-Residence, Pelling Laboratory for Augmented Biology, University of Ottawa, ON

2019Exhibition Grant, Ontario Arts Council

2018Emerging Artist Grant, Toronto Arts Council

2018Research and Creation Grant, Canada Council for the Arts 2018 Emerging Artist Grant, Ontario Arts Council

2018Faculty of Art Award for Teaching Excellence, OCAD University 2018 Exhibition Grant, Ontario Arts Council

2016Emerging Artist Grant, Ontario Arts Council 2013 Susan C. Clarke Fellowship, Yale University

2014AIM Residency, Bronx Museum, NY

2014Fannie B. Pardee Prize, Yale School of Art

2008Helen L. Cross Memorial Award, University of Waterloo

2008Ontario Crafts Council Fiber Award, Ontario Crafts Council, ON


Public Collections

 Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto ON

 Equity Bank, Toronto ON

 Art Museum/University of Toronto, Toronto ON


17 Feb–8 Apr 2023

Shelf Life

Catherine Telford Keogh

5 Jan–11 Feb 2023

Drawings by Sculptors

Organized by Carl D'Alvia with works by Lotte Andersen, Richard Artschwager, Leilah Babirye, Darren Bader, Olga Balema, Frank Benson, Huma Bhabha, Amy Brener, Ernesto Burgos, Tom Burr, Kat Chamberlin, Wells Chandler, Nicole Cherubini, Christo, Susan Classen Sullivan, Michael de Lucia, Woody De Othello, Michael Dean, Leah Dixon, Madeline Donahue, Michael E. Smith. Jes Fan, Lauren Fejarang, Jackie Ferrara, Tom Friedman, Nikita Gale, Daniel Giordano, Harry Gould Harvey IV, Rachel Harrison, Sue Havens, Marguerite Humeau, Ryan Johnson, Laurie Kang, Josh Kline, Fawn Krieger, Ajay Kurian, Gracelee Lawrence, Mark Leckey, Michelle Lopez, Nancy Lupo, Rosemary Mayer, Ohad Meromi, Ragen Moss, Paul Myoda, Brandon Ndife, John Newman, Claes Oldenburg, Sarah Oppenheimer, Louis Osmosis, Catalina Ouyang, Virginia Overton, Jennifer Paige Cohen, Bayne Peterson, Judy Pfaff, Oren Pinhassi, Ken Price, Richard Rezac, Libby Rothfeld, Talia Rudofsky, Alan Saret, Loup Sarion, Michelle Segre, Anna Sew Hoy, David Shaw, Arlene Shechet, Fin Simonetti, Jennifer Sirey, Sissi, Kiki Smith, Jessica Stockholder, Chang Sujung, Tianyi Sun, Catherine Telford Keogh, Alina Tenser, Sarah Tortora, Alix Vernet, Danh Võ, Kristin Walsh, Nari Ward, Lawrence Weiner, H.C. Westermann, Ryan Wilde, Jesse Wine, B. Wurtz, and Tamara Zahaykevich

4 Feb–14 Mar 2021

K as in knight

Catherine Telford Keogh, Julia Wachtel, Alexander Carver, Tony Cokes, Raque Ford, Kate Mosher Hall, Manal Kara, Vijay Masharani, Pope.L, Walter Price, Michael E. Smith

24 Jan–23 Feb 2020

Nervous System

Catherine Telford Keogh